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As insurance brokers, IC Insurance does all the hard work for you, so let us take care of your supercar insurance needs. You don’t have to worry about anything – we’ll search all companies to find the best quote and provide you with affordable insurance cover on our vast portfolio of products. Our process is also quick and straightforward and offers you handpicked insurance policies you can trust. To request a quote, send us your details and we’ll come back to you within 24 hours on business days.
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What is supercar

At IC Insurance Solutions, we fully understand the challenges supercar owners face when they are trying to find a comprehensive supercar insurance package that provides comprehensive cover for their high-performance vehicle.

That is why, we collaborate with our vast network of partner insurers to design flexible and comprehensive supercar insurance plans that are suited to your needs, requirements, and circumstances.

Supercar Insurance or High-Performance Car Insurance Cover

Supercar insurance UK is a policy purchased by supercar owners to insure against costs that arise from a car accident. Packages differ from traditional car insurance packages not only because the cost of purchasing and maintaining high-performance vehicles is high but also because they require more specialized repairs when damaged.

Obtaining supercar insurance is in your interest. A comprehensive supercar insurance package will cushion you financially if you accidentally injure a person, damage their property or damage your own vehicle.

Benefits and Features of supercar insurance

Choice of Repairer

In the event of an accident, IC Insurance Solutions gives you the freedom to select a repairer of your own choice.

Agreed Value

We offer an agreed value of supercar insurance. That means that our partner insurers will pay you a pre-agreed sum of money in the event of a total write-off or non-recovered theft.

Flexible Excess Available

IC supercar insurance packages are designed to meet your specific needs and requirements. That is why we offer flexible excess options and competitive premiums.

Cherished Plate Cover

Unlike most other insurers, our supercar insurance policies offer insurance (indemnity up to £10,000) for your car registration plate if your vehicle is written off or stolen.

Key Loss and Lock Replacement

At IC Insurance, we consider key and lock cover a standard requirement of supercar insurance. So, if your car keys are ever lost or stolen, you can claim the cost of spares or replacements.

Unlimited Cover for Driving in Europe

Unlike other insurers, we offer unlimited cover for driving in other EU countries so you can take long trips without worrying about your car.

Cover to Drive Other Cars

Our supercar insurance packages also offer a comprehensive third-party cover to drive other cars.

Premium Courtesy Car

In the event your car is unroadworthy after an accident, we help you get back on the road with our premium courtesy cars.

Enhanced Legal Expenses Cover

An extra cover that compensates you for your legal expense if you decide to take legal action following a car accident.

Dedicated Claims Team

As supercar insurance brokers, our team consists of insurance specialists and claims handlers who are always ready to handle your case and assist you with your claims.

Guaranteed OEM Replacement Parts

Our packages cover replacements because we know how stressful (and expensive) finding original replacement parts can be for supercar owners.

In the event of an accident, we cover the cost of guaranteed original equipment manufacturer replacement parts.

Stand-alone Breakdown Cover

IC Insurance Solutions also includes a standalone breakdown cover, so you have protection while on the road.


If you are a supercar owner who wants to bring their car to the UK from overseas, we can create a specialised plan that caters to your specific needs.

What Our High-Performance Supercar Insurance Offers:

Special cars require special covers. A regular automobile insurance package will most likely not provide you with adequate coverage for your valuable car. What you need is specialised insurance for your supercar so you can protect your investment and cushion yourself against any eventualities.

Here’s what IC Insurance Solutions has to offer:

Insurance for
Any Driver

It’s easier and less time-consuming to track a single policy for all your vehicles. With a single fleet insurance policy, you only have one renewal date to worry about.

Packages for All
Luxury Vehicles

Fleet insurance policies are remarkably easier to manage. That means you can easily add or remove vehicles from your policy.

Bespoke Packages for All
Geographic Area

It’s considerably cheaper to cover all your commercial vehicles under one policy instead of individually insuring them.

Flexible Supercar Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive Insurance

An all-round insurance policy that provides cover for you, your vehicle and other road users. Comprehensive insurance also covers injuries to other passengers and damage to other people’s property.

Third Party Only

An affordable policy that provides minimal legal level cover to you and your passengers in case you damage someone’s property or injure them while driving.

Third Party, Fire and Theft Coverage

A strategic insurance policy that covers damage to other people’s property and covers your car in case of fire or theft. It also covers injuries to third party passengers, in event of an accident.

Replacement Vehicles

In the case of non-fault traffic collisions, our insurers offer a like-for-like replacement vehicle.

Public Liability Insurance (If Required)

Public liability insurance is an optional policy that covers you for legal costs as well as compensation expense, in case a member of the public goes to court against you.

Vehicles We Have Insured

We have experience in arranging specialised supercar insurance for a wide range of luxury cars including:
Aston martin
Rolls Royce

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IC Insurance is a vibrant and enthusiastic insurance intermediary with a passionate team comprising of experienced insurance experts and seasoned brokers. We know the market inside out and our strong partnership with insurance providers enables us to provide holistic coverage to you at a competitive price.

If you have got any questions or you want to obtain a free quotation, get in touch with our specialist advisors, right away. Contact our office on +441204565600 or email us on
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